General information regarding the ticket shop:
- In the case of tickets with reserved seats (tea house, Endell’sche grandstand, Robinson grandstand, finish grandstand, 3rd floor), the entry (price) is already included and does not have to be booked separately.
- Please refer to the packages for detailed information about the contents of the packages.
- Please note that there is the possibility of a mixed booking at a table you have selected, provided that it has several seats available that are not fully used by you.
- Persons under the age of 18 receive a 100% discount on the entrance fee; for any additional packages that may be included (buffet, drink packages etc.), we grant further age-related discounts (00-06 years: 100%, 07-14 years: 50%)
- Proof of eligibility for discounts will be randomly checked at the entrance. Please have these ready.

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